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European high-end vintage vertical garden Tiffany floor lamp

In sticking with the theme of this site, this article will talk about the  Tiffany floor lamp . Though we’ve talked a lot about the  arc floor lamp  and other styles of arch floor lamps, the Tiffany floor lamp is not an arced floor lamp at all, but rather more of a torchiere floor lamp. When wondering what a torchiere floor lamp is, imagine a torch or flashlight standing straight up on its end. That is basically what a torchiere floor lamp is. A Tiffany floor lamp is similar to a torchiere floor lamp in as much as the base is straight up. But unlike a torchiere floor lamp, the Tiffany floor lamp usually has a shade most often in the shape of a bell and so it disperses the light all around. A torchiere floor lamp disperses the light like a torch or flashlight would, and that is upwards towards the ceiling. But first a little history about the Tiffany floor lamp. Tiffany floor lamps were originally designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany who was an artist and designer from America at