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The web industry is cheap now! Is homepage creation and SEO measures cheap?

The web industry is cheap now!  Are homepage creation and SEO measures cheap?  I will write such a thing today. The web industry is a world where it is difficult to judge whether the honest price is right.  Because prices are often determined by technology etc. This time I will pick up companies that can make cheap website creation and SEO measures.  This time  we will introduce our  company.   Homepage making is the initial cost of 0 yen?  I would like to see  here. It seems like a service that started recently, but with an initial cost of 0 yen, it will be possible to operate a high-quality homepage with only monthly running costs.  It may be good to take running costs rather than being able to manage it firmly thinking about sales.  Next is SEO measures.  SEO countermeasures also vary considerably from company to company.  In  the case of  this company  introduced earlier, SEO measures also said that the initial cost is 0 yen.  How does it work?  It seems to be a compl