Best Bookshelf Speakers,The best compact stereo speakers

Bookshelf speakers are perhaps one of the most sought-after pieces of professional audio equipment – who doesn’t want to have a powerful sound system neighboring their TV? That’s why it has been rather tricky finding the best desirable option. After a long tedious process, we ended up with these three models leading their respective section.

Top Choice Bookshelf Speakers:

Bookshelf Speaker Stands for ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2

  • (2) Rockville RHTSB 36" Inch Bookshelf Speaker Stands Surround Sound Home Theater. Pair Rockville RHTSB high-performance wood speaker stands. Finished with premium furniture-grade paint that will not crack, chip, or peel.

  • Made from high-quality medium density fiber core to minimize resonance. Brass & Rubber spikes add stability to any floor surface. Isolation pads create a non-slip surface as well as improve acoustical performance.

  • Empty body design allows you to add sand in order to increase the weight of the stands if needed. 60 lbs. load capacity allows you to use a heavier speaker without compromising stability.

  • Specifications: Stands Height: 36". Base plate size: 11.8" 9.25". Top Platform size 1: 9.25" 7.28" (For smaller size speakers). Top Platform size 2: 9.25" 11.8" (For larger size speakers up to 8").

  • Item Load weight capacity: 60 lbs. Item weight per pair 25 lbs. Shipping weight 29 lbs. Color: Black. Shipping dimensions 36” x 11.4” x 9.25”. Product dimension 11.8” x 9.25” x 36”.

Elac Debut Product Description:

The Rockville RHTSB high-performance wood speaker stands are designed with appearance, performance, and quality in mind. These stands are perfect for Bookshelf speakers, surround sound speakers and even studio monitors! Our stands are finished with premium furniture-grade paint that will not crack, chip, or peel. They will look great in your living room, family room, den, or even a studio.

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 These stands are constructed from high-quality medium density fiber core to minimize resonance. Unlike our competitors who use particle board, we use a higher quality wood in the construction of our stands. With the included brass and rubber spikes as well as the included EVA speaker isolation pads you can feel confident that your speakers will be sturdy and perform optimally no matter what floor surface they are on. 

In addition to appearance and quality, we also made sure to focus on performance. The height of these stands is 36”. The reason we chose this specific height is that after testing stands at other heights we noticed this height was optimal for listening. In addition to performance, we also would like to note that at 36” these stands look gorgeous! 

The included isolation pads not only provide a no-slip surface but help your speakers achieve superior acoustic quality Another really cool feature I would like to mention is the empty body design. By adding sand to the body of the stand you can increase the weight if you so choose. 

The load capacity of these stands is 60 lbs. Most other stands on the market have a maximum load capacity of 20 lbs. which really is not enough for a lot of speakers on the market. These stands are sturdy, built well, look great, and out-perform the competition so buy with confidence!


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