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For many people, being healthy isn’t something that’s thought-about until they don’t feel well and visit the doctor and get a diagnosis. Sometimes, if a disease runs in a family, for example diabetes, it’s given more consideration ahead of time, but most people don’t have a preventative approach to their health care.
Let’s suppose you can actually observe disease forming inside you. What if you knew when every single cell turned cancerous – or every time your arteries gathered a little bit more plaque build-up? Would that help make you concentrate on being healthy?
It would be alarming, for certain. But we don’t see it. Some of us prefer to not think about it, but if you prefer to live a long and healthy life, it’s time you started imagining what’s happening with every bite of food you consume.
That cupcake you just ate? It sent your blood sugar levels spiraling out of control. Your arteries found themselves just a teeny bit thicker because of the fact that it was made with.
The cancer cells inside you love the increased sugar because it’s what they thrive on. Your memories will be affected just a bit. And if you’re prone to inflammation, then this kind of food choice will ensure a nice flare-up for you shortly.
Consider another food that might be a better option. For instance, if you had grabbed a number of walnuts instead. Walnuts are full of vitamin E, which offers protection for your heart.
Cancer cells, blood sugar levels, and inflammation are no match for the components present in walnuts. Nutritionists call it a super-food as it has powerful benefits. If you’re worried about diabetes or cancer, this is a food you ought to be consuming daily.
Making the right food choices can either help or hurt you when it comes to contracting a disease or being healthy. Grilling meat, for example, could lead to increased cancer risk (if you char your food) – or increased heart protection (if you ate broiled salmon).
Every time you sit down to eat, look at your plate and determine if what you’re just about to eat – and the way it’s prepared – can do harm to your body, or help it flourish on a cellular level you can’t see with the naked eye.
Often you could make much better choices, such as baking or broiling rather than simply frying – or purchasing and eating organic as opposed to eating foods covered in pesticides. You’re the only person who can guide your health in the proper direction, however, it demands you to become more thoughtful and aware of your food choices.

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurvedic Nutrition Tips to Aid Digestion:

A part of the Ayurvedic nutrition plan is in how you eat as well as what you eat for your dosha type. Too many people just shove the food in and keep right on going because they have to get on with whatever is next on their to-do list.
This can cause you to quickly become out of balance. Your food should never be steaming hot. Neither should it be ice cold. The foods that you eat should be warm and not eaten on the go. Warm foods that are slowly eaten can help your body digest the food properly.

Eat Fresh

Because we’re taught to conserve food, many households rely on serving leftovers for a few meals during the week. But leftovers can disrupt your balance depending on how old the food is. Your food should be fresh in order to retain the best rasa, so cook smaller portions.

Portion Control

Not only should you eat what you’re supposed to eat according to your dosha type, but the amounts that you eat matter, too. When you eat too much or too little, you can throw your body out of balance.
You shouldn’t follow a set portion size because everyone has different nutritional needs – even within the same dosha type. Instead, you should consume enough food so that you’re no longer hungry.

Eat only When You are Hungry

Your body can only digest your food so fast. If you add more food while it’s still trying to digest what’s remaining in the stomach, you can cause a disruption in balance.
Don’t eat until your body tells you that it’s hungry. This may vary depending on what you’re doing day to day. While you should try to eat your dosha nutrition foods at the same time every day, that’s not as important as making sure you don’t eat if you’re not hungry.

Achieve Calm Before Eating

Overeating not only throws off the balance, but it can contribute to slowing your healing process. How you feel also matters when you eat. If your body is full of negative emotions and you eat, you can lose the nutritional benefit of the food.
This occurs because of the harmony link between the body, the mind and the spirit. Disharmony can show up physically when you eat if you’re full of negative emotions.
Center yourself and still your mind when you prepare to eat. Be present in the moment with your food rather than allowing your mind to linger on other things. You should always be present during mealtimes so that you can enjoy flavors, aid digestion, and ensure you don’t tune out your hunger cues

Pancha Karma

Healing and Cleansing Nutrition

In order to restore balance to your body with nutrition, you need to prepare it for the healing. You can do this by using nutrition to cleanse your body. To get ready for this state of the nutrition, you’ll want to remove dairy, stimulating foods and beverages as well as sugary foods from your meals.
Focus your eating on grains and vegetables that are on your dosha nutrition plan. During your cleansing phase, you’ll want to consume a soup made from grains on your dosha nutrition list along with lentils and vegetables from your list.
Season the soup using only seasonings that are best for your dosha according to the rasa. This step in Ayurvedic nutrition allows you to bring your body back into harmony with your mind and spirit.
The process renews your immune system and promotes healing. During this process, your mind is cleared of the toxins as well as your body. Emotional toxins can interfere with any nutritional plan and cause a disruption that can impede digestion and slow healing.
When your mind and body are cleared from toxins, it allows your spirit to become centered
Ayurvedic Nutrition Tips to Aid Digestion


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