The web industry is cheap now! Is homepage creation and SEO measures cheap?

The web industry is cheap now! Are homepage creation and SEO measures cheap? 
I will write such a thing today.
The web industry is a world where it is difficult to judge whether the honest price is right. 
Because prices are often determined by technology etc.
This time I will pick up companies that can make cheap website creation and SEO measures. 
This time we will introduce our company. 
Homepage making is the initial cost of 0 yen? I would like to see here.

It seems like a service that started recently, but with an initial cost of 0 yen, it will be possible to operate a high-quality homepage with only monthly running costs. 
It may be good to take running costs rather than being able to manage it firmly thinking about sales. 

Next is SEO measures. SEO countermeasures also vary considerably from company to company. 
In the case of this company introduced earlier, SEO measures also said that the initial cost is 0 yen. 

How does it work? It seems to be a complete success rate type with an initial cost of 0 yen. 
In other words, unless it is displayed high in the search ranking, it is free. 
I felt it was a company that had the courage to prepare a site and make SEO countermeasures with an initial cost of 0 yen.
I think that you may consider it. 

Teenage-si offering to GodTeenage symphony devoted to God

While listening to Brian Wilson 's "Smile" released in 2019, I spent the day yesterday, but the brightness that has penetrated and the sadness that is different again come out. Although the sadness which Hosomi Hosono was listening to the beach boys was still drifting without anything and I could not listen without tears, although the honorable thing that comes out is the goodness of sparkling goods and It is a beauty.
Was this work coming out from 66 to 67 years and the world changed? It is hard to imagine that the legend that is told as a vision is amplifying the influence excessively, rather than the work. It is kind of dark. However, if you listen to songs like symphonic music made up of complex modular parts, you still can not help feeling something big. "Heroes and bad guys" are pretty unusual songs, but they are still beautiful, and there is also a "Good Vibration" of No. 1 hit.
Listening to "Smiley Smile" released on behalf a while after a long time it sounds quite psychedelic, but the madness there is wrapped in a beautiful veil with the original "smile". I think the sound is simply good, but it seems to be great that the whole composition of the song that was not decided at that time was sorted out as of the Brian version of 2019. 
Van Dyke Parks has a thematic nature such as America's history, which was greatly involved in thought. The stuff that SE like craftsmen studded everywhere tells us is the daily life and scenery of the countryside in America. This guy invites nostalgia that reflects the day-to-day activities rather than greatly changing history.
Maybe it is something like the Genji Monogatari or Nippon Shoki. I feel the shininess like history scrolls. There is another taste different from the beauty which was in "Pet · Sounds" and it is pulled in after all. And this is not heavy. Is there an idyllic landscape led by Banjo after which Hiramazu inherits afterward?
What I'm excited about listening to is that the works such as "Cabin Essence", "Surf's Up" and "Wind Chimes" that have been released piecemeal afterward are positioned properly in the whole. 
It is difficult to speak with only a single song because it is finished in one work as a whole, but it is a fact that there is no doubt that it presents one complete form to the world as music playing on the chorus as the basis The influence that I gave to it is tremendous while it is a stage of unfinished goods.
I will settle to the many people who chased the ghost of "smile" and spelled out the view of the world with sounds and words The release is meaningful no matter what whatever you say, it is a history that will never be lost. Even if the sad episode afterward excludes the legendary feeling that it amplifies.
So I bought this 2-pack Deluxe Edition. I thought that if I heard it as a work, I thought that one sheet was sufficient, but that's why I showed respect. Let's listen to the beauty and struggle now, letting researchers and maniacs put the ultimate box set that chases the production process to the utmost.


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